The Bishop’s Annual Appeal 2018

February 16, 2018

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal 2018

Next weekend, throughout the Diocese of Savannah, we begin the Bishop’s Annual Appeal for 2018. In this year’s appeal Bishop Hartmayer encourages us to be Missionary Disciples who proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through our many acts of service and ministry, as well as through our generous giving.
The financial goal for the whole Diocese for this year is $2,700,000, which represents an increase of $100,000. The Diocesan goal has not been increased for three years. Our Cathedral parish is assigned a goal which is based upon our previous year’s total offertory, relative to the total Diocesan offertory. Because you have been giving so generously to the Cathedral, our offertory has been increasing. This year the Cathedral parish is being asked to contribute $114,395 to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.
In the previous year’s appeal, 311 registered members or households contributed a total of $162,594. That represented, at the time, approximately 22.8% of our parishioners.  That percentage is a number that we must increase! We are now a parish of approximately 1000 households.  As I say each year, if we all give something, each according to his means, we will have no trouble meeting and surpassing our parish goal.
This year, the Diocese is asking that we conclude our pledging in a very timely manner. I would ask you to make your pledge to the Bishop’s Appeal within the next four weeks. If you do that, we can be confident of a positive outcome and have no further need of reminders. In addition to that, if it is possible, when you make your pledge consider doing so “online” with a credit or debit card. It is much easier to keep track of donations received.

It has always been wonderful to see the Cathedral parish responding quickly and generously to the Bishop’s Appeal. We are after all the Bishop’s Church and it is important that we provide inspiration and support for all the parishes of the Diocese of Savannah. I thank you for your continued and generous support of this important appeal.

Rev. J. Gerard Schreck