New 2021 Ornament Saint Cecelia and Saint Agnes

January 1, 2021
Introducing our 2021 Ornament Saint Cecelia and Saint Agnes!
The 2021 ornament features the Cathedral’s only remaining original window.
St. Cecelia is shown with her portable organ. Her feast day is November 22. Renowned as the patron of musicians, she is also patron to musical instrument makers and poets. The figure to the right is St. Agnes who is shown carrying a lamb. The lamb symbolizes purity. Her Feast Day is January 21. She is patron of betrothed couples and Girl Scouts.
This window at the far end of the chapel is the largest of the windows that survived the fire of 1898. The deep red color in the top part of the window distinguishes it from all the other windows in the cathedral.
On the back is depicted the umbrellino, a basilica symbol and the dates of the Cathedral’s original dedication and that of being designated a basilica.
The ornament is available in the rear of the church or our website- and click on Shop.