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    Ministry of Interest*

    Collection Counters

    In accordance with Diocesan Policy, the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist has a core of collection counters divided into four teams to count the Offertory Collection on Monday mornings. Members of the teams are selected by the Rector.

    Docents and Tour Guides

    The tour guide ministry is a wonderful opportunity to share the beauty of our Cathedral with tourists and also be in the Lord’s presence while doing it. Thousands of tourists come through our doors every day and their appreciation of our knowledge of the Cathedral is very rewarding. Training is provided. To volunteer, contact John Pryor at

    Office Helpers

    In a parish as large as the Cathedral, there are many tasks to be handled in the parish office.  This ministry supports the full-time staff of the church and is available on a scheduled basis or on an as-needed basis. To get more information, you can email at