Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir of St. John the Baptist

“. . .And so, in company with the choirs of Angels, we praise you, and with joy we proclaim:”

Every time we assemble for the Eucharistic Liturgy, the texts of the Roman Rite urge us to join our voices to the divine choral music of the celestial city. At more than 60 masses a year, our choir supports the choir of the assembly, provide musical commentary on the texts of the Mass, and reveal something of the eternal liturgy in heaven.

The principal choir of the Cathedral is the assembly that gathers on Sundays to celebrate the Eucharistic Liturgy. Led by priests, readers, and deacons who chant their rightful music, and supported by Ministers of Holy Communion, servers, and musicians, this great “choir”–often over 1,000 strong–thunders its Thanks be to Gods, Alleluias andAmens. It performs the hymns, acclamations and responses movingly and robustly–filling the resonant space of the Cathedral in a very real foretaste of the heavenly choirs.

The mission of the Cathedral Choir of St. John the Baptist is to serve God and our congregational assembly through the ministry of music. By using the musical talents God has given us, and by striving to develop those talents to the best of our abilities, we seek to be a model of community and fellowship to the larger Cathedral community, caring for one another and welcoming new members. Our mission is to lead the congregation in sung worship each week, through the singing of hymns and choral anthems. We also provide inspiration through concerts and special events, seeking always to raise the hearts and voices of all in praise and thanksgiving for the gift of music, bestowed on us by God.    

Joining the Choir

Our Cathedral Choir welcomes all who wish to participate in singing the prayers,
the hymns and the rich treasury of anthems which support the liturgy of the day.
We are a diverse group of people, from all backgrounds, high school through adult.

Our rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.,
September through May. We rehearse in the Cathedral Choir Loft. We sing at the
10:00 a.m. Mass; warm-ups before mass are held in the Lower Church (entrance off of Harris Street).

We have open rehearsals scheduled the first two Wednesdays of September and January.
Anyone interested in joining the choir may attend those rehearsals, without any obligation.
We are open to all music lovers, Catholic or Non-Catholic. We hope that you can join us!

To join the choir or to for any further information, please fill out the form below.
Those who join the choir will have a short placement hearing scheduled with Mr. Fogle privately.

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