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Liturgical Music

All Cathedrals are charged with a responsibility of modeling liturgical and sacramental practices for not only the diocesan parishes, but for the entire community. Unique for a small city, Savannah has become a major travel destination for work and leisure, and as much as a quarter of a liturgy’s assembly may be visitors and guests.

Friends of Cathedral Music 2022-2023 Concert Series

Dear Friends:

In keeping with our mission of bringing the finest in liturgical music to our parish, the Catholic community, and the greater community of Savannah, the Friends of Cathedral Music has a fantastic season of music planned for 2022-2023.

We will host our choir and organist colleagues from other distinguished programs in Savannah, and finally welcome the Vienna Boys Choirs. We will also continue our collaboration with musicians from the Savannah Philharmonic to create a musical experience unlike any other. Talented musicians from Savannah and abroad, world class music, and this spectacular Cathedral create a musical experience that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Through the steadfast support of our members, the Friends of Cathedral Music was able to keep live music going throughout these last difficult years. Building on this strength and our past success, we are pleased to offer this very exciting 2022-2023 season. Glorious Music in a Glorious Place will continue to be part of Savannah’s cultural landscape. I hope you will continue to support all these important musical efforts.

Wishing you well,

Paul Thornock
Director of Music