Instructions in the Catholic Faith

The faith that we share, the faith that we have received, is the fullest expression of Christianity. It is ancient, beautiful, rich, true, and it challenges us daily to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. What a precious gift we have been given! We live in a world that is filled with misinformation, with deception, with injustice, violence, immorality and chaos. Our faith is our anchor, and the Catholic Church is our boat upon the stormy waters. And yet, while so many people are anxious and searching for what we have, they do not know what we believe, or they feel that they are not welcome in our Church. Sometimes, all it takes is an invitation. Is there someone in your family, a new son or daughter-in-law, who is waiting for you to

invite them to come to know the Catholic faith? Is there someone at work, or in your neighborhood, in a civic organization, in school, who might like to know where you worship and what you believe? Perhaps all they need is a word of encouragement from you.

Each year we offer Instructions in the Catholic Faith for anyone who wants to know the Catholic faith and who might want to become a Catholic. We will begin our classes on Tuesday evening, September 6th, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM, in the Parish Hall. We will meet each week for approximately one hour or so and cover the essentials of the Catholic faith. Usually there are about 15-20 persons who gather to read, study and discuss the Catholic faith. The classes will be led by our Priests and Deacons. Classes will last through the Fall and the Winter and conclude at Easter and within the Easter Season.

We know that each person’s circumstances will differ, and we will attempt to offer the sort of instruction (length and depth) that will be most effective. These classes will be for those who have never been baptized, or for those who have been raised in another Christian denomination, and also for those Catholics who have never been prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, or Confirmation.

Please call the Church Office and ask for Deacon Dewain Smith (912-233-4709) in order to inquire about the classes and to register.